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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Praise the Lord!  I didn’t lose my leg.  I have various skin grafts.  I just pray that they all take.  Let me have a good report on Tuesday.  It has caused me financial hardship, so pray God answers those needs.

  • Pray for healing for Stephanie.

  • We thought Alayna, my great-niece who has been severely abused, was coming to us only to find out her parents are attempting to manipulate the social worker, the judge, and whoever else they can in the system.  We had Alayna for 10 days over Christmas, and she showed emotional signs of dealing with sexual abuse. Alayna has mental and learning disabilities.  She cannot read people’s nuances for good or bad.  She is the perfect victim.  Please continue to pray for her, and that God will inspire and give wisdom and protection for her.

  • Pray for Kevin going to rehab.

  • Please continue to pray for Barb who suffered a brain injury last May and appreciates your prayers.  Our sons and their families, Josh, Force and Cody.  Force and their family need prayer.  They say they do not believe and Cody has tried to kill himself several times, has PTSD, and is in the Army in Texas and could be deployed.  Josh is in Oklahoma and his twins were born early and just got out of NICU last month.

  • Pray for Nellie’s son Jose who has a blood clot in his leg.

  • Pray for Brian to get back on his feet. Pray for continued sobriety. Pray for his new commitment to God to be strong and healthy. Pray for his relationship with his family and for his faith to positively impact those relationships.

  • Please pray for salvation for my brothers.

  • Kevin and his wife are near divorce. He wants to stay married. He'll need to find a new place to live. He would like us to pray for his family.