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Daily Prayer Requests

  • I pray I don't lose my job over a 3rd and final coaching. I also need to find an affordable room to live in. My current situation isn’t emotionally healthy, and I think it contributed to my mistakes on the job. I pray God will help me to help myself out of this negative environment.

  • Pray for Kyle and Rebecca’s upcoming wedding.

  • Pray for family unity, better communication, closer walk with our Lord, and to get plugged in!

  • Please pray for my husband for the Lord’s favor to be upon him at his job and for the strength, ability, and wisdom to do it. Please also pray for healing for both of us.

  • Pray for salvation for all unsaved children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

  • Please pray for the best summer intensive for Alison, HBT, Ellison and Bolshgi in New York and financial provision, too. Pray for Terry to reach his goals.  Bless all crew.

  • Please continue to pray for Nichole that she will give her whole heart to Jesus and be healed—may God’s will be done in her.  Please pray for salvation and healing for my brother Rod and his wife Helen who has cancer.

  • Pray for Nate in hospital.