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  • Pray for Beverly and her family to be able, with God's guidance, to avoid a voilent husband and father.

  • Pray for Ashley’s new business to succeed to the glory of God. 

  • Please pray for Terri. Her husband walked out on her for the third time and she is so confused, sad, disappointed and lost. I am letting go and letting Jesus take over my life and hoping to see what He is trying to teach me.  I need support, help and guidance. 

  • Pray for Cliff’s upcoming cataract surgery. 

  • Pray for Melissa who has a thyroid imagery appointment.  Pray for good results. 

  • Please continue to pray for the Link family. As many of you know Silas was not able to take part in the trial treatment in Salt Lake. However, one of the doctors there had some other ideas about treatment options. Those will now be discussed with Silas’ oncologist here in Boise. Continue to ask that God gives Tiffany and Bill and abundance of wisdom, and strength.

  • Pray for school children to have a successful year. Pray that more of our kids would seek to know Jesus and share Him with others.

  • Pray for Rod’s business and the product testing that is going on.  Pray it works, and for income to start coming in. 

  • Enjoy your time in God’s presence. It is a privileged place to be.