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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for hospice patients and their caregivers. Pray that patients may have peace because of their faith or find Him in their last days. Pray for caregivers to have strength through Jesus to care for their loved ones and nurture themselves through Jesus.

  • Pray for my family. God knows each one and their needs.

  • Please pray for Esther, who is dealing with a lot right now. She has a tumor growing in her brain that is affecting her motor skills making life difficult. All the while, she is trying to take care of her daughter and bills, etc. at the same time.

  • Pray for salvation for Leanne and Amber.

  • Please pray for my son as he continues to struggle in school. He does well when he applies himself, but he does not do well with follow through—homework, studying, etc. He is incredibly smart, but doesn’t do the work, so he already failed a class this year. He’s only in ninth grade. Please pray that he would turn this around quickly so his future is not limited by his teenage choices.

  • Pray for everyone who hasn’t found their way to our Lord and Savior, Jesus.