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  • Please pray for Yvonne who is a single mom working very hard at a low paying job. Ask God to help her provide for her two young children. Ask the Lord to reveal Himself to her so she and her children will all know God as their good Father and Savior and grow closer to Him in prayerful dependency.


  • Please pray for Chrissy Garcia’s nephew, Matthew, who is having a series of painful surgeries on his jaw. He is recovering from a recent procedure and will have another one on September 7. This process is especially hard for Chrissy’s mom who is helping to care for him. She is tasked with adjusting the screws  in his jay and really struggles with seeing him in so much pain. Pray that the procedures will be successful and that the Lord will miraculously ease his pain.


  • Please pray that our Senior High ministry will have all the volunteer support needed to make this next school year a productive time of spiritual growth for our young people. Pray that we challenge them to develop a life-long relationship with Christ.


  • Please pray for Wendi whose recent exam revealed a mass in her breast. She will be getting more testing done tomorrow morning. She is a believer but is worried for herself and her family. Please pray that she rests in Jesus peace and guidance and trust that He will be with her during this time.

    Please keep praying for Charity Thomas and her husband Jimmy. He has been moved out of the hospital and into the Life Care Center (rehab) by St. Al's.  She said he will be in there for at least three weeks and if he does not start swallowing on his own, he  may have to return to the hospital to have a feeding tube put in. Please pray that Jimmy will recover quickly and thoroughly. 



The following are anonymous requests:

  • Please pray for my friends who are incarcerated.


  • Pray for our president and the peace of Jerusalem.


  • Pray for everyone in Texas affected by the recent hurricane.


  • . Please pray that God will help me improve my perspective and that joy will return to my life.


  • Pray that the Lord comes back soon.


  • My significant other is going through some stuff and some prayer power would be amazing.