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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for my husband as he continues to draw closer to the Lord. He has abandoned the old man and is seeking to glorify God in all he does. Pray that the Lord will also continue to heal our relationship as we choose to move forward in unity, and that He would protect my mind and heart from fear.

  • Pray for wisdom on guiding our boys toward the Lord in a loving way as we discipline and teach them.

  • Pray for my son for a renewed connection to Christ. That he might hear His voice.

  • Please pray for my friend Darren. He is getting off parole and is contemplating moving to Oregon. Pray that God guides him in making the right decision. He was not on the right path when he was in Oregon last time because of drugs and his friends. I am worried about him. Pray that I can be at peace with my own path.

  • Pray for my husband to come to know the Lord more. He struggles on his own. Allow him to just sit and listen to the plans God has for him. My children are mad at me and struggle with trusting me. Help me to keep the faith that one day they will forgive me.

  • Please pray for William, he had a stroke and can’t walk. Pray that God heals him and grows his faith through the process.

  • Please pray for Ayina for faith and strength throughout her hardships.

  • Pray for my friend, that her faith will grow. Also pray for her kids to be healthy and not have any health problems.

  • Pray for my friend who is going through an appeal. Pray that she wins soon so she can get another chance to go home and be a light to her daughters. Also pray that she has peace and strength through the process.

  • Please pray for my friend Marion whose fiancé Bradley died the day after Christmas. They’re 27. They are both saved which is a blessing but death currently still stings the ones left behind. Praying for faith and trust in the Lord and for Him to completely surround their families.