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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for my friend Heidi. Ever since her best friend committed suicide 2 years ago, she has shut out God and not opened her bible or gone to church. She knows this is not good, and when she works up the courage to go to church she has an anxiety attack. Please pray God brings her Christian fellowship, and for motivation to get plugged back into a Jesus centered church. And to trust God again.

  • Please pray that an 8-year-old dog gets adopted and out of the shelter very soon.

  • Please pray for forgiveness in some very broken relationships. There is so much division and bitterness. I know it grieves the Lord. Please pray that He would intervene and change hearts.

  • Please pray for Judy to be whole, strong and out of pain.

  • Please pray for Josh and Erica’s marriage.  They don’t know how to show love.