Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray that I will have confidence as I search for a job, and that I will be successful in becoming employed. I have nearly nine months sober.

  • Pray for Rod and me, we are traveling to Vegas Thursday through Sunday. Pray that we would have a nice time together. Pray also for Krystal and Matt for safe travels, they will be traveling Friday through Monday. Pray for him to see nothing ungodly.

  • My furnace is out. I expected to get one more season out of it. I have a gas fireplace to use while I am home and radiators to keep bathrooms and bedroom warm. Please pray that I can find funds or financing for a new system. I’m an older single lady who works full time to make ends meet, paycheck to paycheck.

  • Pray for Judy, that her new future rewards her dearly.

  • My mom has had kidney failure for 20 years. It’s now at 17%. Please pray that God would bring healing or a kidney transplant.

  • Pray for Rodger who is having surgery December 23.