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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for grace for Hannah in leading the kids well and for wisdom as she finishes college next semester and figuring out what’s next.

  • Please pray for success for the ministry I am involved in.

  • I’m having a hard time lately with my depression and anxiety. Recently switched medication. Not sure it is helping. Prayers for it to help so I can be a better mom and wife and most important a stronger woman of God.

  • Please pray for my lower back. It’s painful to stand for some time in one spot, the pain shoots to my right side hip.

  • Please pray for my dear friend. She has been in a broken marriage for a long time and is feeling hopeless for restoration. The darkness of depression has taken over her joy. Please pray for a breakthrough of restoration for their marriage.

  • Please pray that Shelby stays clean.

  • Please pray for all of our financial needs, basic needs, and the peace that comes from residing in God’s will.