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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray that we remain true to God and listen to His plan as we stay sober, and don’t allow the temptation of drinking to take hold.

  • Pray that Elizabeth would understand the difference between knowing the Word and Living the Word. Pray that she would yield her life to the will of God.

  • Please pray for my sister-in-law who is at the last stages of ALS. Her daughter is having her first baby any day now. We are praying for a special Christmas and that she will see her first grandchild and that her whole family will be comforted by our Lord Jesus.

  • Please pray that I don’t fall back into emotional illness again! I'm afraid the negative environment I'm living in is starting to affect me in a bad way. That's my worst fear. Having to live with someone (a family member) always calling me bad names, and accusing me of things I've never done to her, is getting more and more difficult to bear. I have no one to turn to who can help. I have no privacy, even just to talk to a counselor on the phone! I'm not having any luck finding an affordable room close to my job. I pray I will find something decent and affordable even though I live in an expensive area. I pray for God's protection too, in case I have to leave and live in a homeless shelter.

  • Please pray that Desiree will learn more of the Bible.