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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for my husband’s heart to open to God. Tuesday is a very big day for my family. Pray for the truth to shine and strength to stand for what is right and true. Pray that my kids will have the best life. We are praying for God’s will and that we would not be afraid.

  • Update on my landlord Jon. He died on last Sunday. Please pray for his friends and family, we are all in mourning.

  • Please pray for Randy. He was introduced to Jesus last night and said he was going to read the book of John. Thank you Lord for meeting him in that place and engaging with him.

  • Please pray for my husband as he recovers from a total knee replacement to repair an injury he suffered on the job more than two years ago. He’s dealing with fevers, nausea, and a lot of pain. I am his primary caretaker right now, and it’s very hands-on. I am also trying to recover from a cold and cough. Please pray that the Lord gives us extra grace to get through these next few weeks.

  • Biron and his family of 4 are homeless. Pray for God's provision and that they can each find work.

  • Pray for a refugee single mom with 5 children. Pray that she encounters Jesus in her search for answers.