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Daily Prayer Requests

  • For Ryan at the Homeless Shelter, for protection, for college, for a blessed end of the year and new year, and for me, to have a wife in God’s timing, and that my hard work would be respected. Pray for hope, strength, resolutions to legal matters, unconditional love, respect, and responsibility.

  • Pray for those who are homeless during the winter, and for my daughter and me, that we would be able to pay some bills and become financially stable.

  • Pray for my mom, and that we would be able to find a home soon.

  • Pray for my mom, brothers, and sisters to come back to Boise.

  • Pray for Larry. His family is homeless because they cannot afford rent. They are hoping to find a way to travel back south where Larry is originally from, but they need God to provide means for gas, insurance, tags, and traveling expenses. Pray for them to have faith.

  • Pray that I would be led to the right job and help my clients from my last job.

  • Please pray for me and my wife, as we help our daughter and son-in-law. We recently found out that they moved to Boise to escape his addiction to opioids. Moving has not removed the problem, and we must now intervene. Pray that the love of Christ can be shown to them, and that they would find victory in Jesus. We pray that the awesome healing, redeeming, and forgiving power of the LORD can be manifest in this difficult situation. We also pray that our daughter and her husband’s marriage would be founded on truth - truth in Christ in this circumstance.

  • Pray for those who feel unloved and lost, that they may find hope in the light of God.