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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Nicole has a follow-up surgery on Tuesday at 8:00am. Please pray that everything goes smoothly and positively

  • Although I understand that sickness abounds in this fallen world and we can encounter it as we live our lives, I have never seen anything like the one thing after the other of health issues my wife has had over the past 7 years which has led me to wonder if there might be a spiritual element to it, such as the enemy attacking her. Therefore, please pray for this to stop permanently and for her healing by God’s grace. Also, for strength, encouragement, and endurance for us to do the things we can do in the natural, such as reducing and keeping low her stress levels, to alleviate and reduce her symptoms and for them not to develop further.

  • Pray for healing as Debbie has lost many friends and family members in a short time.

  • Please pray that the results come back negative for a test my wife had last week for Vasculitis and for various other tests she is due to have on Wednesday on her legs.

  • My father is going through one major challenge after another, and it's difficult to envision how he can make it through any more trials. He needs prayer for his heart, peace, faithfulness, and miraculous intervention to sustain him in this difficult time of his life.

  • Please pray for baby John he got his helmet to help shape his skull last week. He had a seizure like episode the other day and stopped breathing. Not sure if it was related to the helmet. The helmet can overheat him, he's supposed to wear it 23 hours a day. He's ok now but really lethargic. They are due to see doctors next week.