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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for Rob, a brother in Christ who has not been able to work for 2 years due to a nerve condition. He has sought many doctors but no answers yet. We ask for grace, healing, and provision. And for his wife as well as she supports him through this time.

  • Please pray for my landlord Jon. He is very ill, and it’s not looking good. Doctors don’t know whether he’ll make it another day or a week. They’ve essentially got him on life support. Continued prayers are needed.

  • Please pray for my son, Denny. He is 35 years old and has been struggling with addiction for some time and he's been very depressed. He is in so much pain.

  • Please pray for Randy, whose wife just passed away. Pray for comfort, and for God’s love to pour down on him, his daughters, and his whole family at this time.

  • Please pray for Bill, who has a court date soon for a drug-related offense. Pray that he is humbled and accepts his penalty, and the Lord directs his path going forward and that his anger subsides regarding his fellow brothers in the Lord. He seems to be resisting any sort of Godly counsel. Also, help his fellow brothers to know how to come along side him in a loving, caring, non-judgmental way. Also, pray for his 3 children who are living with his ex-wife and her husband.

  • Please pray for the right place to live and provision for it. Also for patience to wait for His timing in a bad situation and maybe that the bad situation could be finished.