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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for Tammy and her son Patrick. They recently moved to Tennessee after family drama in their home in Boise got worse, as well as to be closer to Patrick’s son in TN. Patrick is on a list for housing with the Veterans Homeless Outreach program. There are some roadblocks in his way due to past financial history/decisions. They currently have enough money set aside to get them through in a hotel until Tuesday, but will need somewhere to go after that. They are trusting the Lord will provide.

  • Pray for revival at our jobs and unity among believers. Pray also for much fruit from the rescue mission ministries.

  • Please pray with me for my friends. May the grace, peace, and protection of the Holy Spirit dwell in their lives. I pray also for the mercy of the Lord in Fatima’s life. Pray that I would be blessed in my job.

  • Please pray for Justice for all American's currently suffering in pain and homeless.

  • My wife and I are on the verge of divorce. The situation is extremely messy and complicated, but my wife is an unbeliever and I am continuously praying that she comes to Jesus. I feel like God has been answering my prayers in a different way by pushing her away from me, but I am still in love with her and I really want to fix our marriage. I don't know what God wants, and more than anything I need prayer for guidance and to understand His will.

  • Pray for my money today.

  • Please pray for the Carnoy family. They have had to leave everything and have gotten sick because the house they had in Portland had black mold. Please pray for people to surround them and for their son to get plugged into at good group of friends. Healing and community is what they ask for.