Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for Jimmy with foot problems.

  • Pray for church volunteers for all venues.

  • God answered a huge prayer lately, as we’ve been fighting with Work Comp for over 2 years for my husband to have his total knee replacement surgery. It finally was approved and the Lord provided an amazing surgeon for my husband, one of the best in our area (God is great!). He's having surgery Monday, December 9. I’m asking for prayer for all of the details concerning the procedure; peace for the fears he has; for God to heal his pain and restore mobility through this new knee; for his recovery; his time off of work, for his job, his boss, and their team; and the strength that I’m going to need to be his caregiver for the next couple of months while he recovers. We’re looking forward to being on the other side of this tough season.

  • Pray for Patti to resolve house construction issues with the contractor.

  • Please pray for my son Emerson while he is in foster care in Wichita, Kansas. I’m going to court there on December 10. I’m trying to get full custody and bring my son here to Boise.

  • Please God, help my family to find peace after the passing of my mom. Please bring light into their darkness and bring them closer to You.

  • Pray for Rod’s travels Tuesday-Thursday for business. Pray that God would help him make great decisions. Pray for me to continue to have Jesus’ great love for the hurting. Also pray for a friend who is going through court Wednesday for the Lord’s help.