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Daily Prayer Requests

  • I have a praise report:  I’m busy at work!  Please pray for the salvation of my sister Leanne and niece Amber.

  • Pray for a friend’s son who got sentenced to 9 years.  Pray for an appeal and the judge to have favor.

  • Please pray for Daylya.  She is fighting cancer and is going to Salt Lake City next week for surgery.

  • Please pray that I will find a job that I can better serve in, and that pays better.

  • Please pray for Noah that he has healing for his concussion and God walks with him and guides him and always stays in his heart.

  • Please pray for Cody.  Pray for Ron’s healing after back surgery.  Pray for my mom’s pain and future surgery.  Pray for me and medical healing.

  • Pray for volunteers for all church ministries.

  • Pray for daughter Nicole.  Her blood count needs to go up.  She is recovering from a bleeding ulcer. We are praising the Lord that she is doing better than expected.

  • Please pray for my unsaved loved ones.