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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray that the kids and I start our new chapter without confusion and least amount of upset as possible for them.

  • Please pray for my health. I have been very sick for months now, starting with a sinus infection, and now West Nile Virus. I get out once a week to get groceries, and rarely get to see my boys or go to church. I have been this run down and sick before, some years back, but I need the Lord to help me find a different place to live so I can get better, a place that doesn't make me so sick. I don't know if I'll see my boys for Thanksgiving. I just don't want my son to worry about me.

  • Pray for Cathy who is facing legal issues.

  • Please pray for my friends, I have many who are struggling with one thing or another. Prayer for protection, guidance, and patience with each situation, and for God’s peace. 

  • Our son Kyle is back from South Sudan mission trip.  Praise God.

  • Pray for our daughter-in-law who we love, Amanda, to be released from Satan’s grip of anorexia and while in treatment in Colorado that God would put a loving hand on her body and irresistible voice in her head and a yearning in her heart to answer His loving call.

  • Please pray for job stability for Carmen.

  • Nina asks for prayer for her brother (Danny) who had an Abdominal Aortic Aneurism recently. He is back in the ICU now and she is not sure exactly why. There is a lack of communication coming from the family where Danny is at (South Carolina). Please prayer from comfort and peace to Danny and Nina during this time. Please also pray for the Lord to do a work of reconciliation in their family during this holiday season.