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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Nicholas asks for prayer for his grandpa and dad.

  • Please pray for my uncle Don who recently had a minor stroke. Pray also for aunt Wilma’s mental health.

  • Pray for healing for Delores, who recently had surgery to amputate her leg.

  • Prayer for a sergeant and his Marines unit for discipline, strength, wisdom, and maturity in the Word of God. Pray for the families to have peace when they leave out. Pray for safety and travels in Jesus name.

  • Pray for Becci, that her house goes from pending to sold.

  • We have a 2-month-old son who seems to be suffering from food sensitivities and GI issues. We have been searching for answers to his discomfort. We have been to a traditional MD, Functional Medicine MD, and Naturopathic MD. We still can’t seem to resolve the issues and we are just asking for prayers to help us find a resolution to our son’s (Easton) discomfort and issues. We just want him to be healthy and happy without these problems. Please pray.
  • Pray for healing for Lisa.

  • Pray for our daughter to not conform to the world but be transformed by the renewing of her mind in Christ. Also for the salvation of my brothers Chris and Jeff in Jesus name amen.

  • Praise God for Matt.