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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray that the Lord would change hearts and protect unborn babies.

  • Pray for renewal of faith, love, and fellowship.

  • Please pray for Ron and his recent loss.

  • Please pray for me to continue to fight the good fight and seek God’s will in my life. Please watch over my beautiful children and keep them safe.

  • Please pray for my son James. He lives all alone in Boise. He has no friends or relatives there and does not like to meet people. He will be alone for Thanksgiving and is depressed. Please pray for God's protection love and help in his life. For God to draw him and my wife to Jesus. For me to be a better father and husband and for encouragement in my life. For encouragement for my son and wife and healing in their lives as well as in my life. Pray also for healing of a pulled back muscle.

  • For a revival around the world. Peace of Jerusalem and around the world. For the church as a whole to be in the Word and to spread the good news of Jesus and be ready for the LORD's soon return.

  • Please pray for my marriage. My husband is seeing a counselor. Please pray that the Lord give the counselor wisdom and skill to help Robert see the need for reconciliation. Heal Rob’s heart, dear Lord.