• In the past we prayed for Kayla who was having some problems with the latter stages of her pregnancy and was on bed rest. Last week, she delivered a lovely baby girl, Hazel. However, one of Hazel’s ears did not develop properly and it seems she cannot hear. They are consulting a specialist. Pray that good will come from this challenge and that God will be glorified.

  • Please continue to pray for Alyssa who was our church receptionist until leaving to await the birth of her daughter Zimmerlee. As many of you know doctors have determined that Zimmerlee's time on earth will be very, very short. This news, was of course, difficult for Alyssa and her husband Dan, but they continue to trust that God will use Zimmerlee's brief life for His glory and the good of others. A C-section has been scheduled for Friday morning. Please pray for Alyssa, Dan and all who love them to experience supernatural peace, and comfort as they continue to walk through this situation with Jesus. 

  • Thank you for praying for Colleen's mother-in-law, Elsie. She had her aortic valve successfully replaced and is recovering well. Pray that she when she is lonely she will look to Jesus to be her comfort and companion.

  • Please pray for Samantha who is caring for her very ill father all alone. He has only about two months to live. Ask that God will give her the necessary strength and wisdom and that her father knows he will soon be with Jesus and spends his last days accordingly.

  • Please pray for Michelle who is still searching for a Christian roommate. She has interviewed several candidates but has not been successful in finding just the right person. Ask that God will make His will clear to her.

  • Please pray for the Special Needs ministry. Praise God for the amazing volunteers he has brought together to serve these equally amazing children. Pray that more parents will learn about this opportunity to enjoy church confident that their children are being cared for and loved.

  • Please pray daily now through Monday,  for the upcoming Women's Prayer Night, next Monday August 28. Pray that we will grow in unity, friendship and above all love as we pray for more of God's Holy Spirit in our lives, our church and our community.