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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for clarity, wisdom, peace, and the full surrender of my life to Jesus. Thank you for your prayers!

  • Please pray for me to stay sober. Like Paul, I do things I hate and am carnal. Please pray the Lord gives me the strength needed to close doors and should be closed and for Him to open new ones. I pray for others struggling with addiction as well.

  • Kaleigh asks that we would pray for her to quit smoking and to remain free from cigarettes.

  • Mike asks that we would pray for him to become alcohol-free and that he will stick close to the Lord. 

  • Jacob asks that we would pray that he would walk in freedom and become free from addiction.

  • Michele asks that we would pray for her as she is not able to come to Saturday night services, and that she would continue to walk in the Lord.

  • Carlon asks that we would pray for his wife, Lynda, because she is dabbling in esoteric endeavors while calling it work. It has separated them further in their marriage and they do not go to the same church.