Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for my brother Ken who had a brain tumor removed on Friday. We want full and complete healing and a negative pathology report.

  • Pray for our son Nathan to allow God into his life. Allow him to connect with his mom and heal his wounds from war.

  • Please pray for Matlyn to be reconciled with her father Jimmy. Pray that her father will have the wisdom to know how to talk to her. Pray for the Lord to reveal himself to them and they are saved.

  • Please continue to pray for Carlos and Philo.

  • Please pray for Pam as she has been feeling under the weather this week.

  • We are in desperate need for finances while we stabilize after a few crazy months. Our youngest son was hospitalized with a potentially fatal medical problem this summer and due to the circumstances I was unable to keep my job. Our son has recovered and I have returned back to work but we are unable to pay our bills and our accounts are majorly overdrafted. I have returned to work but do not get my first paycheck until mid-November. We have two children. God's math is better than ours, His promises are stronger than the thoughts in our heads. We are stuck, unsure what to do next.

  • My next-door neighbor is sick and paralyzed. Please pray.

  • Pray for Cherie’s health and living situation, that God would give her direction on where to go from here.