• Please pray for 12-year-old Chloe Anderson, whose parents, Chris and Faith Anderson, are missionaries in Romania. She was in the emergency room on Sunday with what looks like a severe calcium deficiency. Thursday they’ll get the results of her blood work, and then she will go to a neurologist for more tests. Please pray for her to be courageous and calm and for the doctors to know exactly what's wrong. Pray too that the vitamins they administered will help her feel better quickly. 

  • Please pray for Dean who is in the ICU right now with heart problems, pneumonia and many complications. 

  • Pray for Charlene who is having a biopsy. Pray that the results are good and that she will be healed completely of any cancer. 

  • Please pray for the Hospitality Ministry to have all the volunteers necessary to make things run as smoothly as possible. Pray that the Lord will lead the right people to this outreach. Ask God to make us a friendly, safe church where everyone feels welcome.

  • For quite some time we prayed for Greg who passed away earlier this year. His brother wants us to know that the family still needs our prayers. Please pray for God to intervene and bring healing to Caleb, Greg’s son.  Ever since Greg went to heaven in April, Caleb has been homebound with internal problems that doctors can’t diagnose to treat for successful healing. Please also continue to pray for guidance for my Greg’s other brother Steve.  He is at a critical point of choice in his life and needs God’s wisdom. May we live like Jesus so our lives look like that of Jehovah.

  • Please continue to pray for Charity Thomas. Her husband Jimmy is currently hospitalized in St. Luke’s downtown with severe medical issues. She is staying there with him. She also cares for her father, Stewart, and right now he is home alone. Please pray that God is glorified in every aspect of this situation and that He strengthens Charity so she can accomplish everything that is before her.

  • We’re having a party next Saturday.  Pray for God’s presence to be there.

  • Pray that God heals my left hand.

  • Pray for our daughter to be able to get pregnant.