Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for the people of Wells NY, a little town in the Adirondack where Pastor Tucker’s 91-year-old grandma lives alone. They were hit by a devastating storm on Halloween with 80 mph winds and the river 7 feet above flood stage. Grandma is okay and so is her house, but the roads are all washed out and many people have lost a lot, including homes. Pray for Christ’s comfort and strength for all of them. There are only 650 people in the town that has been declared a disaster area.

  • Please pray for my mother's knees. She's had surgery in both knees a few years ago and they are bothering her again to the point where she can't walk. She's 74 years old and in a lot of pain. Please pray for pain relief and for healing.

  • After my panic attack last month, I've been having a really hard time sleeping at night.  I pray for peace on my mind and heart and complete restoration and healing.

  • My neighbor Sue received a call yesterday that her cancer has returned.  She asks we pray for a new treatment they will start soon and for comfort and peace for her husband of 50 years.  They love Jesus.

  • My sister and I are in our 30’s. My family and I are trying to cope with the passing of my mother in March at the age of 60. She was a single mom of my sister and me and we are having a hard time accepting this.

  • Pray that the lord would protect David from ungodly friendships. Pray also for salvation for the teens in my life.