Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for me for financial provision this month, and that I would get out of debt. Pray also for healing inside and out. Pray for my family and friends.

  • Pray for our evangelization work as we reach many people with the gospel and spread the good news.

  • Please pray for a woman who is facing multiple issues dealing with family, health, housing, and where God wants her to go to church.

  • Please pray for a woman who is a seasonal worker and is now laid off. Pray that unemployment would last as long as she needs it to. Also, she has a medical issue for which the doctors say there is no cure. Pray for her health and for a cure.

  • Please pray for a woman and her two daughters who are living in a motor home. They are praying for provision for a warmer place to live. She has one daughter in High School and the other in college.

  • Pray that the Lord would provide Mark with a warm place to live.

  • Pray for restoration for a couple and their family. They are seeking new business opportunities, and financial blessing and stability. They also ask prayer for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

  • Pray for wisdom for Steven as he decides whether or not to accept a job offer.

  • Please pray for my Grandson Raymond, he needs meds for his mental illness. He is in denial about it and is homeless. Pray that the Holy Spirit will open his eyes and mind and soften his heart. That he may see how he needs help.

  • Please pray for Willy to come back to Jesus. For me to be able to bear it all. I’ve been so emotional over this, to leave it all at the Feet of Jesus!