Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for Stan for continued recovery from heart surgery, Dave with a diabetic condition, Colleen for strength and encouragement.

  • Pray for our jobs and divine appointments.

  • Please pray for the Valentine family. Jim and Jordan were in a helicopter accident over the weekend. Jim lost his life and his daughter Jordan is in ICU.

  • Pray for revival fires in our neighborhoods.

  • Elena and her family just moved to Boise. She said the last few weeks have been particularly stressful workwise, with school and not knowing anybody. With the stress and stretching herself too far, she suffered a panic attack, similar to experiencing a heart attack. She was rushed to ER in an ambulance. Since then, she is having a hard time sleeping. She asks our prayers for peace to return to her and that the stress of moving into a new location will subside.

  • Pray for unity among believers.

  • Pray for Bret and Mikayla to remember God’s grace, mercy, and redeeming love.  For their hearts to turn back to Christ!

  • Pray for peace of Jerusalem.