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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please be praying for Andrew, Kelly’s nephew, for a new home for him this week.

  • Please pray for Delores and the Allen family as Delores will be transitioning to move home with them!

  • Please pray for our son Jack. He is 15 and has a behavior problem. His dad travels and I stay at home. Dealing with him seems impossible. He is very strong and tall and can hurt me verbally and physically. Please pray for him! Pray that He will get saved and that I will seek the Lord and trust Him with this matter.

  • Pray for the homeless population in our valley, that God would supply their needs as it starts to get cold.

  • Pray for our family – we are homeless, and need a handup. We are losing faith and struggling every day to have hope.

  • Please pray for a dear friend, who is a believer, who has been ill for a few months now. Every test has come back negative, but she is not feeling better. She will be going to the Mayo Clinic so please pray the Lord would reveal what is wrong, and of course for healing.

  • Can you please pray for my family’s salvation and healing from addictions, sadness, pain, and trauma. Please ask the Lord for healing for my family members.

  • Pray for restoration of my relationships with friends and family, and that God would give me humility in dealing with people.