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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for the nurses, physicians, and staff in the St. Alphonsus ICU. The work is very heavy on our hearts and spirit at times.

  • Thank you for praying for John. He came through surgery. The heart surgery went as expected they were able to do most of the repairs needed. He had another Tet spell (caused by rapid loss of oxygen) in the operating room and they had difficulties intubating him. He had a period with lack of oxygen so we just need to wait and see what the effects are, if any. Please pray for provision for a place for mom and dad to stay. Ronald McDonald house is full with a 3-month waiting list.

  • Please be praying for me as I go to California this week. I haven’t seen my ex-husband for more than 20 years. He married the lady who split our marriage up. Pray I will manifest the love, grace, and mercy of Jesus to them through the Holy Spirit.

  • Please pray for reconciliation between Mack and his father, and unity among believers.

  • Pray for peace in Jerusalem.

  • Pray that I would subject myself entirely to the authority of Christ. There are several issues I’m praying through currently, including: my evaluation at work, God’s provision of a girlfriend (wife), resolution to legal matters, guardianship, Ryan and Tony in Oregon also with financial matters, a blessing for my efforts, my memory, love, hope, happiness and joy, ability to love myself.

  • Please continue to pray for Nichole.  She is angry at everything, everyone. Pray she will come back to Jesus and His will be done!