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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray that God will break though the dark lies that TJ has been struggling with.

  • Please thank God with me for the purposes He has for me in the diagnosis of breast cancer. Daily He is helping me choose to know and believe this. Choose love and trust and not the toxic fear. I don’t want to waste this. Every day I see His blessings and I write them down.

  • Pray for the Lord to provide volunteers for our hospitality ministry, and for Boise Harvest in May 2020.

  • I have an interview at a firm on Wednesday and I am torn between possibly leaving my current position for this opportunity. I just would like prayer for God’s will to be done and help with opening my eyes to see His plan. I do want this new position so I just pray that I do really well in the interview.

  • Please pray that the Lord would minister to Donna as she struggles with depression. Pray for Oscar who is struggling in his current situation.

  • Pray for Sadi who is living with cancer.

  • Continued prayers for a miracle for Rease. Also prayers for strength and peace and ability to go on during this tragedy. It is daily difficult. I so desperately want to not have allowed this mistake to happen to her. I’m struggling because there is nothing I can do and I know God can, but I don’t trust He will.