Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for a young female who is incarcerated.

  • Please pray for Jake and Tara as they are on their way to the Congo.

  • Please pray for us. My family and I have been homeless for a year now. I have a full-time job. Because of our budget, we are looking for a room to rent. It's my adult daughter and toddler and myself. Please pray for us as we continue to look for places and we are on numerous waiting lists for housing.

  • Please pray for Carlos and Philo as he continues cancer treatment.

  • Please pray for Dan to lead well.

  • Please pray with me I'll be able to find a furnished, affordable room to rent, ASAP. Currently I live with my aunt, and we don't get along at all. We're constantly yelling at each other. We both need our space. I'm in the process of looking at alternative living arrangements. I'm helping myself every way possible, and my aunt is helping too. I just need prayers.

  • Pray for my relationship with the Lord, and for healing in friendships. Pray also for effectiveness in evangelism.