Daily Prayer Requests

  • Faydra is hoping to get approved for SSI, and for Section 8 housing and she desires deliverance from thoughts of suicide, and for connection in the therapy and counseling she is going through at Cottonwood Clinic. She is struggling with faith, as she was raised as a Jehovah's Witness with a father who is an atheist. Pray she continues to read the Word and seek Truth and for spiritual protection that she is not misled by more false teaching.

  • Pray for Jim, who is starving himself.

  • Pray for healing from the stomach flu for Riley.

  • Please pray for Naomi, whose family is living in their RV. They all just got strep. Pray that she would come back to the Lord, that her family would heal quickly from this strep, and for protection over Naomi and her body as she is expecting another baby (they already have 4 kids). Pray also for Naomi’s boyfriend Charlie to be able to get a steady job to support the family.

  • I would also like prayer because stressful events throughout the summer have made it somewhat difficult for me to process information quickly and accurately, at work. I feel overwhelmed with everything, but I know God has this and will help me trust more in Him and his mercy.

  • Pray for Kyle, who leaves soon on a mission trip to South Sudan.

  • Please pray for Steve who was diagnosed with cancer and has surgery on the 17th. Pray not only for a successful surgery, but that he will come to the saving knowledge of Christ and know His love for him.