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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for Kylie, who got a bad concussion a couple weeks back. Some days are good some aren’t, she got bumped in the head Saturday night again, not hard but enough to make Sunday a little rough. She asked that we would pray for her and her head.

  • Pray for a job for Crystal.

  • Please pray for my aunt Sharon who has colon cancer. She’s on hospice. Please pray for healing and for salvation and a personal relationship with Jesus.

  • Please pray for my husband's business success and the financial pressure since I had to quit my job.

  • Please pray that God would reunite me with my little Valentina very soon. I don't want to live without her. Don't let her forget about me or stop loving me.

  • Pray for Roman who needs help finding work. Also, he has a desire to be in God's Word every day, and is looking for ways to get connected with other men who are believers. Pray that the Lord would connect Him with men who can help him learn more of God’s will for his life, so that he may walk in it.

  • Please pray for Erika, who is looking for a new school for her 4 year old. Also, she wants to a find a church where she will not be judged, but loved.