Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for Norma and Mike who have been in the hospital and their dog died during their absence.

  • Please pray for Frank who is having back issues.

  • Please pray for my friend Clayton who is fighting a spiritual battle, along with dealing with anxiety and depression. Pray for his young diabetic daughter that is transitioning to more solid foods and needs to drink more water.

  • Please praying for the release and healing of Michele and Maria, and that their actions will be directed by God’s will, and that the Holy Spirit may touch their lives and hearts. Pray also for my mother and my prayer group.

  • Please pray for Carlos, my father-in-law. He is doing better but they could not the surgery because he is too old.  Please pray for healing and patience for my in-laws who are taking care of him.

  • Please pray that God would move in a desperate situation. Pray that God would move on someone’s heart to do the right thing and pay the bill that they are responsible for but are trying to make others pay for.

  • Pray my dad would accept Jesus and God would do an amazing work in him.

  • Please pray for my father-in-law, he recently lost his job and is having terrible finding new work, and he is having a hard time taking care of his health as well.

  • Please pray for the drug problem in our neighborhood. Pray that the lost would be saved!