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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray we will be used by God as we go on an Open Door Libraries mission trip to Berlin and Prague.  Please include the other couples on the trip, the Richardsons and the Willis family.

  • Pray that those who are prodigal sons would reconnect with their families.

  • Please pray for me to have courage as a single mom to continue for my 8 year old. We are new to town. Things are overwhelming at times. I pray and need prayers to stay strong and know God will provide. God, show me my purpose and to guide my 8-year-old to be in Your will.

  • Please pray for God’s blessing as Eric and I marry on October 6 and blend our families together.

  • Praise God for traveling mercies able to see and visit family in Michigan. Pray for salvation for unsaved children there, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

  • Pleases continue to pray for our daughter Nichole.  She has left the Lord. She is hurting and angry. Pray for God’s help and His will be done!

  • Please pray for me and all of my family to grow closer to God, to walk in His ways and to be a strong light for Jesus. I need wisdom to make a decision this week.

  • Pray for the Lord to provide volunteers for Night to Shine, as well as our hospitality ministry.

  • Pray for Kyle who is leaving on a mission trip to South Sudan on 10/25.

  • Pray for a situation in Pati’s family.