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Daily Prayer Requests

  • My husband, Randy, will have a hernia repair this Thursday at 3:00 pm. My rotator cuff surgery is Wednesday October 9. I have two torn ligaments in my right shoulder, and I’m right-handed!

  • Pray for a revival within the residents at the Rescue Mission.

  • Pray that a bad deal gets done in rightness. Rod’s getting sued. Pray for God to go before another situation to change heart and mind. Pray for me to die to the pulls of the flesh.

  • Pray for Ron who recently lost his wife in a motorcycle accident, and has had multiple surgeries.

  • Pray for healing and recovery for Stan, wisdom for Tiger, and salvation for Tom.

  • Pray that the Lord would give Tammy strength and encourage Dan’s heart.

  • Pray for peace in Jerusalem.

  • Chris and Stephanie are getting married this Friday. Pray that the Lord would take care of all the details, that they would enjoy the day and she would be free from pain, and that they would be blessed in their new life together.

  • Please ask God to send work to Jason’s small business: good jobs with good people who pay on time. Jason is a wonderful son, knows Jesus as Savior, and has a wife and family to support.

  • Craig will be on a mission trip in October 3-14.  We will be evangelizing, teaching nationals, and exploring a new opportunity in India for 3 days and the balance of our time in Malaysia.