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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for financial provision for Gregory, as well as motivation to lose weight to help with heart health.

  • Please pray that my wife and I would find true liberty in Christ.

  • Pray for a woman for protection from her formerly abusive husband. She wants protection to guard her tongue, and is asking for deliverance from bitterness and anger.

  • I am praying for financial stability.

  • Pray that I would be able to quit smoking to honor God with my body as a temple. Pray also for my relationship with my daughter to be restored. Also, for healing for my dog, and for strength to get back in the Word and not be angry at God too for all of this suffering.

  • Please pray that I would be reunited with my four kids.

  • Pray for God’s will in our lives, and grace, mercy, forgiveness, restoration, healing, and recovery.

  • Pray for healing in Cindy’s body.

  • Please pray that I would have strength in dealing with loss in relationships. I lost my older brother in 2008.

  • Pray for quietness and peacefulness of mind and soul. That the Lord would guide me through my trials and temptations as well as shutting up when it’s needed so I don’t hurt even one soul.

  • Pray for volunteers for various aspects of Words of Freedom.