Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for my son as he goes in for an MRI. Pray for his son, my grandson, who is feeling very discouraged. Also pray for me. I recently lost my glasses, I’ve been sick, and I’m praying for provision.

  • Tommy is looking to God for guidance in a decision to either stay here in Boise or move back to Los Angeles. He needs prayer for finances either way, whether it be for the bus ride back or so he can move from the Boise Rescue Mission to a place of his own. Along with that he needs prayer for employment.

  • Pray for Miriam for direction in her path, she got her child taken away.

  • Please pray for the people of Nebraska, Colorado, and Texas because of the flooding, and pray for the Bahamas, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico, rebuilding after natural disasters.

  • Please pray for my Grandson Raymond who has mental illness. Please pray he would be willing to take his meds.

  • Please pray for my family. I have a sick sister in the hospital and she has a mysterious infection that is affecting her organs.

  • My daughter may have experienced something terrible at the hand of a close friend and colleague of mine several years ago. She has a formal police interview next week, after which we’ll know a lot more. At this point, I am focusing on protecting my daughter and praying so hard that this is all a very painful misunderstanding. Please pray for my daughter that she may never have experienced something so horrible. Please pray for my family that we have what we need, both legally and financially, to make it through the most trying time in our lives.

  • Please pray for Nancy. She is having surgery on Monday to remove some spots they found in her mammogram. Pray for good results, for health for Nancy, and that her recovery would be quick with a minimal amount of pain.