Daily Prayer Requests

  • I pray that I’m able to prosper, so I can change the lives around me.

  • Pray for the hungry orphans in Chicago and everywhere else.

  • Please continue to pray for Danny who still struggles, for strength to fight his way back to fullness of health.

  • Pray for my grandson Austin and his wife and my grandson to find the Lord in their marriage and family.

  • Pray that God would raise up volunteers for Words of Freedom.

  • Pray for Pat who has spinal cancer, she fell and is facing a long road with surgery to repair a broken humerus and fractured vertebrae, as well as chemo, and radiation. Please pray that God would ease her pain and heal her.

  • Please pray for my relationship with my husband. He recently confessed some things and I’m having a hard time. He is doing so well and closer to the Lord than he has been in a long time, and is working really hard to be what I need. But I don’t know how to guard against the thoughts that keep coming into my mind about what happened. I want to let it go and move forward in the work the Lord is doing, but I’m afraid.

  • Pray for brother Víctor and his wife Mercedes. She was run over by a semi-truck and lost her leg.

  • Please pray for a 17 year old girl who has experienced paralysis on one side of her body that the doctors cannot seem to understand. Pray for healing and for opportunities to share God's love with their family.