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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for me for protection from evil.

  • Please pray for Payton, a friend and veteran with five deployments. He is suicidal and needs God’s intervention. Please, please pray for him.

  • Please pray for protection and peace in Israel. Please pray for the lost to accept the gift of Jesus for their salvation. Please pray for the spiritual strongholds to be knocked down and all to come to Jesus.

  • Please pray for healing for those needing it.

  • Pray for my brother-in-law Terry who has been recently diagnosed with and is now battling cancer.

  • Pray that my children Sophia and Gabriel accept Jesus as their Savior. Heal mine and Melanie’s hearts.

  • Please pray that our kids will adjust well to their new school schedules and classes (which are much more difficult this year) and be motivated and responsible students.  Adrian will be starting a new school, please pray that he gets all the proper paperwork done and is motivated to actually go to school.  Please also pray for Roberta. She enjoys making fun of anything spiritual and is really having a hard time with authority. Please pray for her salvation, and for wisdom to help her navigate these difficult years.

  • Pray for Mexico as a country, that many would be open to hearing the gospel and many workers would be sent to preach the good news. 

  • Please pray for my father in law, he recently lost his job and is having terrible finding new work, and he is having a hard time taking care of his health as well.

  • Please pray for Roberto and his wife to find a ground floor apartment. His wife had a stroke several years ago and needs constant care and he is also getting older as well.