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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for Ryan in rehab, and for Tony and his employment and finances.  Pray for me, my counseling and socialization, not to isolate, my finances, my job, blessings confirmed, good health, my chemical imbalance, hope, resolution too along legal matter to be addressed.

  • Pray for Night to Shine laborers.

  • Pray for help overcoming my porn/lust addiction that I’ve had since middle school. That’s one of the reasons why I moved to Boise, to turn a new leaf and involve Christ in everything I do.

  • Praise report, we have new volunteers for 2nd

  • It is time for my annual CT scan to check my kidney. I always develop a case of “scanxiety”. Please pray for God’s peace. Praise God baby John has hearing on both sides! Both boys are growing well.

  • Pray for Buddy to be saved and free from addictions.

  • Pray for Stephanie to be free from pain.

  • Our weekend with our kids visiting went great. They are sitting in church today, and we are praying they come to know and accept Jesus.  Pray for Rod for wisdom with many business choices, and for financial wisdom.

  • Pray for Kyle on a mission trip to Sudan on October 26.

  • My husband has ongoing health problems, and we don’t have any answers. Pray for wisdom, discernment, and healing.

  • Pray for safety for all children, whether or not they are vaccinated.