Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for a man from Finland who has a brain disease. Pray that the Lord would touch him and heal him, and help him and his family.

  • Please pray for a family dealing with a lot of spiritual attack. The children are Christians, but the parents are not. Pray that they would surrender to the Lordship of Jesus.

  • I just put an offer on a house, they countered.  I am debating on countering again, accepting, or letting it go.  Prayers for peace and the right decision would be greatly appreciated!

  • Please pray for my friend Marira who has been facing political upheaval and rioting and police brutality in her home of Moscow, Russia.  She feels so alienated from any kind of faith, and the state of her country burdens her.  Please pray that this time of trial brings her closer to Christ. 

  • I need prayer for direction, employment, and the right place to call home for my wife and myself. 

  • I am feeling desperate right now. School has started and yet everyday I am getting further behind. When I use my computer I have to think about every single thing. For example, I have used our email for years, but now I have to stop, remember the steps and then I can get in. This is what is happening for most tasks I am doing whether they are new to me or things I have been doing for years. I do know it has to do with being able to focus my attention but it feels like something else is affecting me. By the end of the school day I get a bit panicky and now I am getting scared about what is happening to my brain. Please pray that I would find a solution, that I will be able to do my job and trust God so I can stop feeling panicked.

  • Please pray for my husband Ron’s health.  He’s had sinus issues since March. 

  • Praise the Lord!  Rod got someone hired (a Christian man). He’s headed on trip for business Monday and Tuesday. Pray for my son, that he would stop pot and get deep in love with Jesus. Pray for our visit from our daughter and son-in-law this weekend. Pray that Rod would be salt and light.

  • Please pray for the Lord to make it possible for child care to be provided for Words of Freedom for young souls that need it the most. Pray also that more may attend.