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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for Nancy, who had a bad fall last week and injured her head. Praise the Lord she did not have a cranial fracture, so she avoided surgery. Pray for a full recovery, and for the testing she has scheduled for this Thursday, that there would be an encouraging result.

  • My son lost his cat. Please pray that Yoshoko is found.

  • Please pray for myself and my family that we get approved for a mortgage loan before Thanksgiving. We've been trying so hard and it's taking a huge emotional toll on my husband and kids. We found a house we feel is the right one but our credit score is off. Pray that God will show me the direction He has planned for us.

  • Pray for my young adult son to come back to faith in the Lord. He seems to be more tender to Him but I pray for him to leave his addiction behind and come fully back.

  • Pray that my family stays healthy and that my daughter would come to Christ.

  • Pray that my family finds a house.  Pray that I get full time with my current job or another job.  Pray that there’s no huge problem with my car.

  • Please pray for Alayna the 14 year old for protection, deliverance, comfort, and love. That God would reveal Himself to her.

  • I am being admitted into a hospital at the end of this week.  I’m scared and would love your prayers.