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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for this cold I have had to be healed.

  • My friend’s husband died last week. Family came to town for the funeral on Saturday, and her daughter became ill and died Saturday morning. Please pray for peace for this family.

  • Please pray that my boyfriend’s prison sentence goes by fast. He has six months and I only have 10 days clean from meth. Please keep both of us strong during this time in our lives.

  • Please pray for my friend Jessica who is on a mission in Australia. She is going on another mission with her group to Spain in a few weeks, but they need the money to get the tickets - it's an extra 800 or so. Please lift her and her mission up so that they can further the gospel.

  • Please pray for Leslie to be free from all cancer and pain, to have her health and joy renewed. Pray also for her family to be saved.

  • Pray that my brothers would see that God has amazing plans for their lives.

  • Please pray for my Dad and I to communicate. For strength and patience with my job and my programs.