Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for my mom. She was diagnosed with a quite large meningioma brain tumor on Sunday night, and had surgery to remove it on Thursday. The surgery went really well. Tumor was more aggressive than what the MRI showed, so they had to take some brain tissue and bone. Results should be back by Monday. Please pray for healing for her, and for wisdom for her doctors in treating her.

  • Sean asks for prayer to determine what God's will is for his life as he goes forward seeking work.

  • Praying for protection, God’s strength, and His Spirit of wisdom for the upcoming a men’s retreat this weekend where my husband will be teaching on "wisdom found in the multitude of counselors."

  • Please pray that Criss would be able to find work.

  • Pray for Brenda, that the joy of the Lord would be her strength, and that God’s Spirit is poured out on her.

  • Pray for John, who has weekly meetings with a cardiologist.

  • Please pray for Crystal, who is recovering from four painful spider bites. She is also looking for work and needs God’s provision.

  • Please pray for God's deliverance and protection from evil for Jason, his father Dilbert, his family, and a friend. Both his father and a friend are experiencing health problems, and two loved ones have passed away. Jason desires a closer walk with Jesus to overcome the surmounting obstacles in his life.

  • Pray for my walk to get stronger with our Lord and for my kids to walk with our Lord. Also that I would be stronger in sobriety.

  • Please pray for my brother in Oregon to stay in genuine relationship with the Lord and repent with a genuine heart.

  • Please pray for my husband and my children and that I might be the best wife I can be.

  • This life is readying us for eternity, pray for Judy’s faith in the word.