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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for one of the families from the Special Needs Ministry. You can word it however you'd like. They lost their caregiver who provides medical assistance for their son who has Cerebral Palsy. They need to find a new one for him and don't know anyone because they just moved to Payette. They are thankful that he is adjusting at school and making lots of friends.

  • Please pray for Patrick, he was admitted to the hospital with possible viral meningitis.

  • I have a granddaughter who moved out from the midwest all anxious to be near her grandma "forever" as she put it. Her family is quite dysfunctional yet siblings are close knit. When they arrived they were very enthusiastic about being here. Fiancé was working and the job fell through, but now he's being called back which is a praise. The prayer is for significant spiritual intervention to help her reverse her decision in moving back. Here fiancé asked for us to study the Bible and is showing high interest in growing in Christ, together, which is another answer to prayer.

  • Pray for forgiveness and reconciliation with my friends.

  • Pray for a friend’s brother who is fighting leukemia.

  • Please pray for my family. My marriage is crumbling and the relationships between my children and I and the relationships between my children and my wife have been divided and strained due to gossip, untruthfulness, and deceit. It seems that our family is spiraling out of control. Please pray for healing and restoration of our broken family.

  • Pray for a man who is sick with cancer, and for his family during this difficult time.

  • My wife, Joy, has had a lot of health issues for a long time. She had surgery last Monday (8/26) and is slowly recovering. Please pray that God would heal her completely and restore her to health. She is also battling fears/anxieties that she won't ever be well and be able to enjoy life. Pray against those fears, and that God will give her hope that she can have an abundant life soon.

  • Pray for my brother to learn to love Christ and to love people of other races.

  • Pray for all the people in the world to meet and have a real relationship with Jesus.

  • Praying for a job for a friend’s husband Joel. He has been out of work for some time and my friend has been working hard to support the family. She is very thankful for just getting a job. Her husband needs the same blessing to start working again and providing for his family.

  • Please pray for my father, Paul, to be saved. Please pray for the affair that his younger girlfriend Joyce is having with Luke will be exposed. Pray for both Luke and Joyce to leave my dad's home forever. Please pray for protection from evil for my dad and I. Please pray that with God's love, protection, and guidance, my dad will make it through this, and be better than ever.