Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for our daughter Nicole’s health with migraines. Overall good health and divine protection.

  • Pray to not be fearful regarding some cysts on my pancreas. It has been said it’s common, but I struggle with fear of cancer.

  • Please help my ex-husband and me come together as one again.

  • Pray for my medical issue that it calms. Pray for traveling next week for Brad and me and for Chelsea this week. Pray for our son at BSU.

  • I will be going to court in California to seek guardianship of my 18-year-old nephew who has autism and is in an institution.  Please pray for wisdom for the judge and the court. Pray for wisdom for me and healing of my nephew’s mind.

  • Please pray for our daughter to be free from smoking and vaping.  She knows Jesus and desires to be free from these addictions.

  • Please pray for Bryan.  He needs to put God back in his life.

  • Pray for Luke who struggles with addiction. He knows the Lord.  May he live only for Him.

  • Please pray for my friends fighting addiction and depression.