Daily Prayer Requests

  • I need prayer for my family, we've been trying so hard to buy a house before winter, we feel like the enemy tries to put up roadblocks to prevent this from happening pray the lord will provide for my family and show us his will. Time is running out but we're holding onto our faith that God will provide a way for not just me and my children but my elderly widowed mother, she needs prayer the lord will work a miracle and provide for her so she can obtain approval to buy her own house. 

  • Please pray for my husband who is stuck in his addictions. Pray for me as the wife to have wisdom to know what to do and that I would clearly hear from God. I ask you would pray with me for a miracle.

  • Pray for my family, that the Lord would provide to be able to repair the flooring in their house. It is a hazard for all of them.

  • Please pray for provision in general and provision for health related costs and provision for debt we’ve incurred. Please pray for my husband’s career.

  • We have been going through a long family struggle. The struggles of parenting and dealing a child who has a major sin and rage problem have put my wife and my marriage at a crisis point. We have struggled for years, but this time feels different. As a married couple, we do not see eye-to-eye and even when not involved, I am always made to be the bad guy. I am at a breaking point.

  • I am starting my first year of law school on Monday the 26th. I will be going to school full time, but also working part time to pay bills. I know God will provide, but I am nervous about being able to work enough hours to pay my bills with how crazy school will be.

  • Pray that the Lord would help my daughter find an apartment. Her neighbor is a racist and continues to cause trouble. Pray that the Lord would direct her where to go.

  • Thank you for praying for Jenny and Briar; Briar's blood has normalized and they've ruled out leukemia. Also, her husband's face has fully recovered from the scooter accident. Please pray this family falls in love with Jesus.