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“My soul, waits silently for God alone: my expectation is from Him.”-Psalm 62:5

Who likes to wait? Whether we're stuck in traffic, left too long on hold, or flipping through ancient magazines in a doctor's office, waiting goes against our nature. In fact our distaste for "killing time" says a lot about our natural tendencies. Ever since the Fall of Man, people have known that their lives will one day end. Time seems short and therefore very precious. When we accept Jesus we're ushered into a new, eternal life and yet the pull of this temporary world remains strong. Too often, we think we have no time for prayer---unless of course there is simply nothing left to do. David wrote this Psalm under pressure. He did not know if he would survive his enemies' attacks. In desperation he waited silently for God's will to be done. We don't have to be frantic to turn to Jesus. Trusting Our Lord with even our most mundane days remains the wisest thing we can do. The next time you're frustrated by things that make you wait, see the opportunity. Use the time to talk to God. Share the burdens of your life. Consider the needs of those around you. Pray for them. Then expect great things from a God who is not limited by time or space.



  • Please continue to pray for Kathy Hammond whose husband, Don, passed into glory on Saturday. Ask that God will bring her peace and comfort and strength.

  • Pray for Rich Reid who is having heart problems involving his aorta. Doctors say he will need surgery later this month but he is believing God will provide a miraculous healing. Please pray that Rich and his family to trust God through the journey.

  • Please pray for Marissa who needs to rent a 3-bedroom house in the Vista/ Overland area because her daughter is diabetic and needs to stay at the same school to stay with the school nurse. Please pray for the Lord to give direction and guidance on an affordable place to rent.

  • Please pray for Connie, a 55-year-old woman currently living in a shelter who needs a new place to live by the beginning of September. She is trying to find a temporary place for about two months until she can get into a more stable home. She has contacted several agencies including Love Inc. but has not found anything. Pray that God will make a way where there seems to be no way.

    Last week we prayed for a young woman who had a sentencing hearing. We asked that the judge would have great wisdom and send her down a path that would lead to her healing and growth in Jesus.  She was given six months supervised probation.  Please pray that the Lord will continue to work in her life. 

  • Please pray for a husband and wife who have been married more than 30 years. They are not in a good place. The husband is very withdrawn and the wife is very lonely, deprived of the emotional and physical attention she craves. This is not the plan God has for marriage. Please ask that the Lord would intervene to help them. Ask that He would provide more marital joy than either of them could ever imagine, to His glory. Pray that He will make this couple a shining example of what happens when we yield to Him.

  • Please pray for my family.  My great-aunt Eleanor passed away last week. Ask for God’s comfort and provision and that He will use this time for His glory.