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Daily Prayer Requests

  • I want to be back living with my family. We are currently living apart due to financial problems.

  • Please continue to pray for Jenny and her toddler Briar who was throwing up blood. Praise Jesus it's not leukemia, but she lost so much blood (from a nose bleed) they had to do blood transfusions and she's still very weak and blood counts are low. There will be ongoing tests to determine what is wrong. Please pray for wisdom from the doctors, and that this family meets the real Jesus through this process.

  • Please pray for my friend Blake who still suffers in his addiction.

  • Please pray for my Aunt Nena, who is having neck surgery on Wednesday.

  • Please pray for my Christian friend Heidi who gave me my first Bible 10-12 years ago. Since her best friend committed suicide 2 summers ago, she hasn't opened her Bible, hasn't prayed, stopped going to church, and is shut down/withdrawn. When I saw her yesterday she was devoid of joy and full of anxiety. She knows she needs God but feels too depressed to leave her house and just focuses on work, and just goes home and sleeps.

  • I’m having neck surgery sometime soon. Please pray for my recovery.